Evil is not an entity that has a real being, like other creatures created by God, but there is only the deviation of beings from their natural state, into which the Creator put them, into the opposite state. Therefore, God is not the culprit of evil, but it comes from the creatures themselves, evading their natural state and purpose. – St. Dionysius the Areopagite

Herein lies the problems of many conversations about evil. What is Evil? We tend to immediately go to examples of evil. To show what evil looks like. But what really is it?

Evil is not an entity, that is evil is not Satan, as if there is a Good Entity (God) and an Evil Entity (Satan) in conflict. Satan is Evil for sure. Yet Evil is not Satan.

So what is it? Evil is the deviation from Good. It is the absence of the Good God intended. It is an aberration.

God through Christ reinstated the Good. Asserts it. And resolves the aberration.

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