“A man is involved in life, leaves his impress on it, and outside of that there is nothing.”

Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism and Human Emotions

If you at all wonder where the loss of God will lead to – it is here. The Absurdity of Sartre. Without God every benevolence we undertake, every act of mercy, every wound we bind, is a momentary imprint that will quickly be forgotten. So why do anything? Why love my neighbor when he will never love me? Or even worse, may stab me mercilessly in the back when I turn to help another? Leave that imprint to another. Not to me.

This is not what God calls us to. The call of our crucifixion is a call to act in the face of no response. Act in the face of our own demise. We are not called to make an imprint on the world. We are called to die. Anything short of this is simply the same Absurdity in a different set of clothing. A different mask.

But surely as demonic.

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