{fill your heart with His word. it will change your life} God’s pursuit of you is always greater than your ability to wander away from Him 💯 We gain true peace and get a glimpse of seeing through the eyes of God when we apply His Word to our lives, every single moment of every single day.

It was in a room. The buzzing of lights. The overpowering smell. The place where I would never have looked for You. The place where You were not supposed to be. That is where You made Your first revelation.

I was a wanderer. A runner. A hidden child. And in a moment of realization, You showed me the meaning of Grace. That no matter how hard I ran. Where I hid. How far I thought I was from You. You were always right next to me. Begging me just to look at You. To see You. So that You could hold me. And whisper that all would be alright.

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