More About OneVoiceUnited

When I started the OneVoiceUnited blog, I was responding to my personal situation of sitting between Catholicism and Protestantism…while also finding in Orthodoxy such a resonance that I couldn’t dismiss it. The more I dug, the more I found that Truth is Truth no matter from where it comes. That God is speaking to us. That those who call on the name of Jesus Christ are partakers of that Truth – in some way. In some fashion.

Simultaneously, I also was thinking of my own life. How I sold out God for my own sin. How everything in me wanted to run from God. Finally, in the depth of my despair, I called out to Him. And He found me. He brought me back to Himself through Protestantism while at the same time showing me Truth in Catholicism. Then Truth in Orthodoxy. Look around you. The world gloats in tearing us apart. In selling us a bill of goods that leaves us dry, empty and desolate. If the answer to this world is Christ – God Incarnate (which I truly believe it is) – then we, as those who profess that Jesus Christ is Lord, must find ways to build bridges. We must unite.

Why is it that our Enemy can unite his forces with such ease? Those who have given themselves over to hate (of which I have been the foremost) will join together without question. They have an understood uniting force. Hate breeds hate. Hate finds hate. Can we not be at least as wise as the Serpent? Can we not join together under the one banner of Christ and pray together about the differences that may exist?

Lastly, I am not so naive to think that all differences between beliefs of those who call themselves Christians are alike. There is the faith of the Apostles (given to us in the Bible), of the Church Fathers, of the Councils that forms the bedrock of the unity of the Body. The unity of the Body is comprised of all of those in time that have professed the Truth of God. Not the truth of our own desires. Or of the god of our own creation. There will always be Truth and twisting of Truth. And this can be across Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodox as much as it is in any cult or new religion.

I pray that everyone who comes across this blog of my personal thoughts, inspirations and confessions can find in the words a piece of themselves. And, in unearthing that small part of themselves, they can also see God in a new and sublime way.

Peace be with you.