Today we celebrate the Holy Martyr Sophia with her three Virgin Martyr daughters, Faith, Hope and Love. Although our Orthodox Fellowship’s society bears the name SOPHIA, we do not celebrate under the namesake of this Saint, but rather Sophia, the Wisdom of God. The three virgin martyrs were subject to cruel and viscious torments which eventually had them killed right before their mother’s eyes. Their mother Sophia was forced to watch as a punishment from the torturer, but rather than pleading for the tortures to cease, she encouraged her daughters to persevere in the faith, saying that the suffering will not last long and that they would soon meet their Bridegroom in Paradise. After all three daughters had been killed, Sophia reverently buried them and reposed in the Lord soon after while praying at their graves. At the time of their martyrdom, Faith was 12 years old, Hope was 10, and Love was 9. May they intercede for us always + #saint #saints #martyrs #martyr #virginmartyr #virginmartyrs #saintsophia #hagiasophia #faith #pistis #hope #elpitha #elpida #love #agape #mother #daughter #daughters #martyrdom #encourage #holy #repose #orthodox #sophia

In 2019 my children will be 12, 10 and 9. Please pray that I may have faith like each of you. God is always deeply with us in our sufferings.

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