St Teresa of Jesus (1894) – Adolfo Lozano Sidro

Keep in your mind that I could not exaggerate the importance of this. Fix your eyes on the Crucified and everything will become small for you. If His Majesty showed us His love by means of such works and frightful torments, how is it that you want to please Him with only words?

Do you know what it means to be truly spiritual? It means becoming the slaves of God. Marked with His brand, which is that of the cross, spiritual persons, because now they have given Him their liberty, can be sold by Him as slaves of everyone, as He was.

St Teresa of

I know there is a stigma with the word slave (doulos in Greek). Yet this is the very word that is used about us – to be a slave entails all of the submission, but in Christ the slave has become a son.

I love the analogy of the mule. The mule must keep moving, step by step ahead. The mule may not remember that he is carrying the Son of God and the Mother of God on his back. For this he is excused as his role is to just keep going forward.

I am a mule. And for much of my life I thought I was a god.

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