Father Porphyrios believed in the undoubted value of prayer in the spiritual life of man. He advised his spiritual children not to forget to pray: “Pray simply, simply and humbly, with simple faith, not expecting God to answer you. Do not seek to see His hand, or His face, or His radiance. Nothing. Only one faith. When you talk to God, you really talk to Him. ”

How often do our conversations with others just revolve around what words we want to say. What message we want to portray. Our conversations are monologs with brief intermissions of some babble from the other party. We speak just to hear the sound of our own voices.

Let us cast behind our selfishness and come humbly before our God. When we speak, He does not hear senseless babble. He hears the broken tears poured out from crushed spirits. He hears us. And His ear is so close. He has brought Himself to our lips to hear our whispers. So let us begin, now, to speak.

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