“If you are fighting sin, you are alive. Take heart. But if sin holds sway unopposed, you are dead no matter how lively this sin makes you feel. Take heart, embattled saint!”

— John Owen

Do you feel the anguish over temptation? Do you see failings in your life and weep over them? Can you feel when darkness is so close that it is breathing words into your ear?


This means you are alive and you are in the battle. The enemy sees that you are standing and works with all of his might to cut you down. Do not fear. Do not be anxious. You are exactly where you should be. And the victory will be yours.

When you no longer feel temptation. No longer hear any words to drive you to disobedience. No long see in yourself the failures against God. Then my friend…then you should be shaking in holy fear. You are already beaten. You are already dead. The enemy is simply standing over your carcass.

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