What does it mean that God has taken on our nature? That the ground of all being has chosen to empty Himself for me? Who can understand this? Is it not a scandal? If You are God then just be God. Be aloof. Be beyond. Stay in the cosmos. Hiding.

But you are not a twisted idea in my mind. A phantom that has been created to allow me to hide. No. You really are God.

In your very essence you are Love. You are Grace. You are Truth. You are Humility. It is from who You are that you come to me. That You cloth yourself in my disgrace. And in that garment of humanity You do what I cannot do. You give everything for me. Your words. Your sweat. Your blood. Holding nothing back.

To see You, Jesus, in the weakness of the manger is to also see you carrying the cross. To see Golgatha. You were born with pierced hands. And a broken heart. For me. Because of me.

Glory be to God. Our Savior is born.

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