For the more who come closer to the light, the more enlightened, the more close to the fire, the more warmed, the more close to the shrine, the more consecrated. So, the more often who come to God in Communion, so the more enlightened, warmed, and sanctified. – St. Nicodemus the Hagiorite

The presence of God is life. He is being itself. In the Eucharist the ground of all being comes to us humbly in bread and wine. These are not offerings as were made to other gods. Not a type of appeasement to incline a god’s ear. It is in these elements that God inclines us. He comes to us in a form we can understand. A form that we can consume. We are given the grace to carry God in our very selves.

Is it any wonder that we are sanctified through the Eucharist? Who could not be sanctified if God is carried inside of him?

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