The purpose of the incarnation is to establish full communion
between God and humanity so that in Christ humanity may find adoption
and immortality, often called ‘deification’ by the Fathers: not by
emptying human nature but by fulfilling it in the divine life, since
only in God is human nature truly itself.

– Olivier Clement, “The roots of Christian Mysticism”, photo from here

God became man so man can become God – says St. Athanasius. Not that we are divine in our humanity – St. Irenaeus makes this clear. Yet in Christ we are grafted into Him. We participate as sons who have been transformed into the same blood line. We are iron honed in the fire of God and are brought forth burning red, sharing in the same fire that is God Himself.

Can I do this on my own? Do I have the power to bring myself into the fire? Never. I can do nothing. But God. Yes. God can do this. And He desires it for each of us. He desires it right now.

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