“No other religion has affirmed so much and so strongly as Christianity, because its voice is the Voice of God, and its Truth is absolute; and no other religion has had so radical and uncompromising an enemy as Nihilism, for no one can oppose Christianity without doing battle with God Himself.”

— Fr. Seraphim Rose, Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age

We affirm what is both foolish and obscene.  We hold that God, Who is the ground of all being, at the same time took upon Himself a human nature in Jesus.  He joined us in the mire in which we created to pull is up and give to us His very self.  To let us partake in the fullness of His nature.  

One does not effectively equivocate this truth. One does not side-step the complexities of this reality.  The only sane response is to scream: “It is a lie!  It must be a lie!  We are alone and lost…and we always will be.  All is Nihilism.  All is nothing.”

But how horrible are the consequences of this response.

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