“God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?”

– Romans 6:2

Do I truly understand my position in God? Who I am through Christ?

When I was baptized in Christ, I was baptized into His death. It was, as if, being laid down in the water I am being drowned. I was being plunged body and soul into a water that would destroy me and, yet, regenerate me. While under the water, God hid everything about me in the wounds of Christ. All of my pain. All of my sin. Every thread of guilt. All buried. All dead.

And when I was raised up, as the water poured from my body, it was all left behind. Left forever in the body of God hanging on a tree. Pierced. Beaten. Crushed. For me.

If God has done this all for me. From Love for me. How can I continue to abuse Him through my sin? Pound the nails into Him by my selfishness?

God forbid.

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