“We should discipline ourselves to read the Word until it comes alive…until we can almost feel the breath of God.”

— A W Tozer

When I was younger I saw God’s Word as the written letters on the page. The Bible as what was documented in histories, and poems and letters so many centuries ago. Alive, yet also, somehow dormant. Static.

How small was my view of the Word.

At that time, I had never been placed in the burning fire of battle. Where all of my defenses were stripped away. All weapons I had depended upon were broken. Shaking and naked in a war with the unseen and malevolent powers. Then I saw the Word.

The Word is more than alive. It is Life. There is nothing static or pedestrian in the Word. It is Absolute Power. Power that hides us. Power that protects us. Power that crushes our enemy.

To speak the Word is to breathe the being of God. To be in Him. And be a Víctor with Him.

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