Street vendor selling mummies in Egypt, 1865.

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How much we fight for the passions of the flesh!  To grasp one more item!  To hoard just one more piece of gold!  We all know this desire because we all have this desire.  If we have much, we desire even more.  If we have little, we desire what others have around us.  We are always being cheated out of what we deserve.  We strive continuously for more to fill the ever gaping hole that we find in our souls.  We act as if we have eternity to gorge upon every thought, feeling and want that comes into our minds. 

But this is simply not true.  

Time is fleeting.  Our desires never measure up.  We are left wanting and wanting and wanting – regardless how hard we strive for what we see around us.

And, in the end, all that we have left will be sold off by a street vendor to some mildly interested tourist.  And not even our names will be remembered.

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