“Whoever loves God wishes to be alone. Like newlyweds who do not
want to have their intimacy interrupted by outsiders, those who have
felt the love of God retire into silence and solitude.”

~Ernesto Cardenal, Abide in Love

(Art: The Hermits, by Charles Kingsley)

I remember a time where I was surrounded by people, but so absolutely alone. Every word from another pushed me into a corner. Every joke anothet bolt on the door of solitary confinement.

As I walked from the circus of musings, the solitary confinement became a haven. With music pressed up against my ear and eyes closed, I could feel that there was real life in solace. In solitude. All I needed was God. And all else was a deafening scream.

I needed God in the quiet. I couldn’t hear His voice amidst the noise.

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