From this  it is that countless evils have arisen – from ignorance of the Scriptures; from this it is that the plague of heresies has broken out; from this it is that there are negligent lives; from this there are labors without advantage. For  as men deprived of this daylight  would not walk aright, so they that look not to the gleaming of the Holy Scriptures  must be frequently and constantly sinning, in that they are walking in the worst darkness.

St. John Chrysostom

It is the seat of ignorance to begin one’s argument by saying “Doesn’t the Bible say something about…?” Or “I think Jesus would agree with me when I say…”

Let us not guess at the Word of God. Or think of the Word of God as a portrayal of our own ideologies. The Word of God stands on its own. Without my thoughts and observances. Without my criques and musings. The Word of God is the Logos written through real people who wanted God more than themselves. Who loved God to their own demise. Thus God found it fitting to use them as instruments to continue to reveal Himself.

Don’t neglect the reading of the Bible. Don’t be ignorant of the Word of God.

It is the only weapon of offense given to us by God.

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