‪"My haircut was done; we were alone in the shop. A scissors in one hand and a comb in the other, he was resting them both on my shoulders as he talked. He talked about how his old man mercilessly beat him and his mother most every Saturday night. He talked about how afraid he was, about how much he loved and hated his father. He said he had never told anybody about this before, not in sixty years. His mother, he said, carried the secret to her grave. Nobody had ever guessed. We were both facing the big barbershop mirror. His eyes were reddening. We looked at each other in the mirror in a way we could not have face to face. I reached to my shoulders and held his hands, and said something about when you forgive somebody it doesn’t mean that you are saying that what they did was all right.“
That was a moment. A tremendously human moment.

“He who would do good to another, must do it in Minute Particulars.” – William Blake‬
“A Simple Kiss From God”

‪My latest at Word on Fire.‬

The touch from God comes in the most pedestrian and magnificent of ways. Between two people sharing the realities of our lives: our joys, and sorrows, our regrets, our tears.

To feel that another person can see into our souls. That we are not alone. But part of a larger picture. With all of its brokenness and disfigurement entwined in our desire to be loved and held. To be safe. To be at peace.

Here is a moment of God. Here is a moment of the humanity that God created in His wondrous grace.

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