During our time of the Great Fast, of Lent, let us not forget that it is both a sad and a joyful time. In our sadness we remember our sins. We remember our desires to follow Satan in his lie that we can be like God on our own. That God has deceived us. Yet, in truth, we are the ones who have been deceived. Each sin we lay before the cross and beg for mercy.

Yet, we also find joy knowing that God has not abandoned us. He has entered into the filth of our sin putting on the nature of His own creation. He has willingly gone in our place to the cross. And was raised to new life on Easter. That new life is our new life. Because He lives, we live with Him.

We died with Him and we live with Him.

In the quietness and darkness of the morning, let us praise the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – that His love overflows for us. And endures forever.

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