During the Great Fast, we are focused on understanding our own sin.  Digging deeper into ourselves to uncover where sin is hiding.  Where it has found a place to live without notice.  Yet, sin is greater than just what is inside of me.  Sin is a corporate defilement. It is found in both the individual and the system.  And in the system, sin compels groups to act in ways that are most unspeakable and vile. We will destroy each other.  And destroy ourselves.  The God-given worth of each of us is lost in our lusts.  And even our own lusts end in demanding our own lives.

Where do we start in this time of introspection?  In this time of repentance?  Let us start by admitting that we are all brothers and sisters of those who have done the most horrible things.  We have inside of ourselves the very things that have driven others into absolute depravity.  We share these same traits.  We are the same people.  

And let us lay this truth at the foot of the cross and scream out “Lord have mercy on me.  I have sinned without number.”

– Crematorium at Auschwitz (picture mine)

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