Abandoned boy holding a stuffed animal amid ruins following German aerial bombing of London, 1945

via reddit

Many will see the rubble. The destruction. The screaming. The wailing. And at that place proclaim there is no God. That all is for naught. All is lost. All is worthless suffering.

There is no mistaking the evil that we will pour out on each other. The spirits we will crush. The bodies we will burn. All from our ego. All from our sin.

But where is God? He is gathering souls. He is kissing broken limbs. He is whispering in the pain. He is sustaining in Love that which we have made desolate.

Jesus Christ is bearing all upon Himself. Every act is being poured out on Christ crucified. All of the weight for all time is born in the Eternal God in a specific time and a particular place – the day before Passover at Golgatha.

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