“If anyone tells you that a person speaks ill of you, don’t make excuses about what is said of you, but answer: ‘He does not know my other faults, or he would not have mentioned only these.’”

— Epictetus, The Enchiridion (via philosophybits)

How true this is! I remember distinct times being called out for sins that I had committed in a public setting. And as the finger was pointing at me I thought: I am glad you are accusing me of these things…because they are nothing compared to what you could accuse me.

Nonetheless, whether I have sinned or have been wrongly accused, there is a plethora of other sins sitting deep inside of me. Hiding in darkened corners. Tendrils grasping my soul. It is only the grace and mercy of Christ that holds me up. He is the Light in the darkness – my darkness.

So what shall I defend? I may not have committed one particular sin, but I have committed others without number.

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