“Since Christ Himself has said “This is My body” who shall dare to doubt, that it is His Body?“ 

~ St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Theologian, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

If you are perplexed about the Eucharist – asking yourself: What is the bread and wine? Is there more to this or is this food and drink all there is?

Come back to the Church Fathers. Long before there was the schism of West and East. Even longer before Martin Luther made his protest, the Fathers understood the Eucharist in a very specific way.

They didn’t necessarily try to explain how it happened. They didn’t even proclaim exactly what happened. Yet, in pure faith, they proclaimed what they had received from Christ: the bread is His Body and the wine is His Blood.

And those who partake of His Body and Blood participate in His Passion. And become like Him.

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