“Whoever exalts himself, like Adam, shall be
whoever abases himself, like Jesus, shall be exalted, just as He
was exalted.”

~Book of Steps

(Art via Love of the Beautiful)

Now is the time to pick up our cross. Now is the time to come face to face with our own poverty. We always knew it was there. We knew who we were, but the pain was too great to look. We robed ourselves in fineries. We bathed in perfume. We put on the air of sophistication. But we couldn’t keep the truth hidden.

Though clothed we knew we were naked. The perfume still disclosed the putrification. Our wisdom was superficial. Contrived.

We knew. We always knew.

We are dying. And the pace is quickening.

We have no more time. Put it all off. Rip it out. Lay it all at the feet of Christ. The only path to life is through the cross. Climb to Golgatha. Take your stand with the Triune God.

All will be lost. And Eternity gained.

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