Desire what God wants, do as God wants, do because God wants. – Archpriest Tolmachyov

During the week of the Passion we saw vividly what it is to do what we want. We want a Messiah to save us from Rome. We want the conquerer of nations. The crusher of arms. The breaker of bones. We want freedom to be what we want to be. So we herald Him into our lives. We wave our palms and lay down our coats for Him.

But it won’t be long until we figure out that we have been fooled. We have been hoodwinked. This Messiah will not free us from our enemies. He will not remove the bonds of slavery to the men who have mastered us. Instead He tells us to look inside. That our master is not Rome, but Satan! That we are the problem! If He will not give us freedom. We will give Him the cross.

Here is the path I have led for most of my life. Wanting myself and my desires instead of God. Screaming Crucify Him to the only one who can save me. I am the fool. I am the most pitiful creature created.

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