“Jesus, Food of strong souls, strengthen me, purify me, make me godlike.” – #SaintGemmaGalgani
Today, the Church celebrates ‘THE THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT’. On this Sunday, I pray that you and your loved ones will receive every blessing!
📷 ‘A Priest elevating the Consecrated Host’/© Creativa Images via Canva App
#SacredArtandImages #Catholic_Priest #Lent2019 #CatholicPriestMedia #Lententide #SeasonofLent

We have the God-granted privilege through His mercy and Love to partake of His Body and Blood through the sharing of Communion. Of the Eucharist.

To take His Body and Blood into out feeble bodies is to have Him in us. In a very physical and visceral way. It is so easy to simply spiritualize this scriptural truth: Christ dwells within us. He dwells within us in every possible way.

Let our lives be laid before His alter. Before His cross. And begin again.

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