is communion with God, not saying words. Words are useful, they can
help us pray; but what our soul longs for is connection—communion—with
God.  This is where repentance begins: in accepting our failure. So long
as we keep saying to ourselves, ‘I just have to try harder,’ we are
only extending our miserable delusion. Once we allow our hearts to be
broken by our weakness, our lack of love, our inability to pray, then we
can begin to find God’s help.”

~Archpriest Michael Gillis

(Image via myocn.net)

It was only when I came to the point in my life where I could do no more. Where every action was seen as only a step backwards. Where my straining against the tide proved to be utterly fruitless. There, at that place, I finally turned to God. And I said: My God, please break me.

Just a few simple words. But in my soul I had leapt a great chasm.

By the grace of God I had moved from believing in myself, to faith in God. And when I came face to face with God, even the thought of self-reliance was laughable. Foolish. Insane.

Who would cling to a thread when the hand of God has been offered?

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