“The man who thinks only of himself says prayers of petition… he who thinks of loving and serving God says prayers of abandonment to God’s will, and that is the prayer of the saints.”

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

We ask. And ask. And ask. And yet we do not receive. We ask for objects. We ask for emotions. We ask for people. We ask for resolution.

But we are left empty-handed.

How could God answer us? We demand that He perform our will. That He bend to our desires. Shall a parent give his child a snake? Or a stone?

We do not understand the world in which we live. We do not understand even oursleves. And surely we cannot understand God.

So let us stop asking. And, instead, beg God to be forgotten. To move out of the picture. And let Him be the point of focus. Let the cross cast its shodow across the entire landscape. A landscape in which we have not been included.

Then we will take a step in holiness.

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