“Faith as a dependable relationship is something other than faith as a system of propositions, or faith as confidence in my own capacity to master truth; it’s much more a confidence that I can be mastered by truth, that I can be held even when I don’t feel I can hold on.”

— Rowan Williams, Being Disciples 

My child held onto the swing with a ferocious intensity. Though only a few inches from the ground you would have thought he was towering high above the earth. He was scared. He was shaking. He refused to open his eyes. He refused to let go.

If you don’t let go you won’t be able to get down. To play with the others. To try new things.

No movement. Only fear.

It was a slow methodical process of release. Reassurance. A finger loosened. More encouragement. Another finger. Positive words. More fingers. All leading to the final letting go.

And he was free.

He was mastered by the Truth of Faith in one he loved. And never again was there fear of jumping from that place.

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