“The greatest weapons of someone striving to lead a
life of inward stillness are self-control, love, prayer and spiritual

~St. Thalassios the Libyan

(Photo © dramoor 2016 Kazan, Russia, Republic of Tatarstan)

How I want to be close to You. How I yearn to know You and in turn to know myself.

To see You in Your purity. In Your holiness. In Truth. In this view, in this expansive landscape, by Your grace I may see myself as I truly am. Not the self I contrive in the throngs of people. The one that jokes. That amuses. That is as a clown on a stage. Bringing laughter through a painted face.

Lord, let me see my innermost self. My soul. Through stillness. The stillness that sees You as God. And myself as Your broken, scared and lost child.

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