Jesus is radical. He gives all and he asks all: he gives a love that is total and asks for an undivided heart. Even today he gives himself to us as the living bread; can we give him crumbs in exchange? We cannot respond to him, who made himself our servant even going to the cross for us, only by observing some of the commandments. We cannot give him, who offers us eternal life, some odd moment of time. Jesus is not content with a “percentage of love”: we cannot love him twenty or fifty or sixty percent. It is either all or nothing.

Pope Francis

Anything I hold back from God is my act of arrogance. Of selfishness. Of sin.

Do I really belive in the True God? Or do I believe in a God of my own making? The one that happily takes what I choose to give and then acts as a candy dispenser for my needs. I put in my penny of prayer and he delivers my every sweet desire. And when the machine doesn’t function as I want? I pound on it. And finally discard it for a better version.

Behind every Atheist you will find a graveyard of abused and disgarded candy dispensers.

And, sadly, not much different in the wake of many Christians as well.

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