A cemetery is not a place where corpses are put,
but a place where they are waiting for the Resurrection.

Metropolitan Anthony Sourozh

How much emphasis do we put on this life? This physical life? We can spend inordinate time protecting, enhancing, building up our bodies. I have done it. For years I put my body through all kinds of physical torments. For what? To know God? No. This would have been a beautiful act of mortification. I did it so I would look better. Compete better. Be seen as bigger. Stronger. It was for pride.

Where do we all end? Where will our bodies lie? In the grave. Side by side. Waiting. Wouldn’t it be wiser to focus on our souls? Our union with Christ? Being forgotten? Being crucified? Our humiliation?

The body will die. It will decay. But, in the end, we will be raised. And we will be judged. And God will not care how strong my muscles were when they laid me in the ground.

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