We must ask ourselves the question: do we miss God? Or is it enough for me that He exists and I can turn to Him when He is needed to fulfill my requirements, to use Him when I lack my own strength and abilities? – Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

When she left I could feel the aching just below my heart. It was inside of me. But it felt as if it would burst forth into the world. Hidden pain that was demanding to be let out. To be seen by all. The longing hung around my neck. The desire rested on my brow.

And this was what I felt for a passing love. A person I was close to for a time. But was forgotten.

Have I ever felt this for God? Has my soul panted for Him? Has my heart ached in yearning for Him? Have I felt broken into a myriad of pieces as I desired Him?

Did I even remember Him at all?

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