Fr. Alec Reid administers last rights to one of two British soldiers killed by a mob, Penny St. Belfast, Northern Ireland, 19 March 1988

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Who is your enemy? Look in his eyes. Your enemy who was defined as the other is no other. The eyes of your enemy reveal as in a mirror. They reveal you. He is you.

When you see the one you hate as the one who stands before God naked and revealed just as you. When you see the depised one crying out for the same mercy you so desperately need. Then. Then you will begin to see yourself in the eyes of Christ. Every pounding of the nail for your sins and your enemy’s. No hatred. No scorn. Only absolute and complete Love.

With this heart, you can kneel before the broken and beaten body of the one so hated, and give him the final blessing of God. Give him your very soul in the blessing.

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