Do not pay attention to what they tell you when they offend you. You pray to God that He gives each a good angel, and you a peace of mind. And when you reconcile with all, wish good to all, nothing will torment you. And so we eat ourselves away and destroy mentally and physically, and get sick, and all because we could not cope with bad thoughts. And then it’s much harder to recover. – Elder Fadey Vitovnitsky

Our own minds cause us to suffer. We refuse to let go of the acrid thoughts that haunt us. We know they torment us, but we hold to them as a life preserver. We ruminate on the words. The meanings. The anger. The betrayal.

Yet, during the time of our own mental torment the world continues to move ahead. Those around us continue to need the love of God through us. Even our agitator has moved on and forgotten us. Yet we are left. Paralyzed. Confounded by our minds. Our thoughts. We are self-enslaved.

Let us reason together: We are not slaves anymore. In Christ we are free. Our freedom to let go of our ruminations is an incredible freedom. Christ has given us the power to move forward and leave all thoughts with Him on the cross. No more revenge. No more anger. No more anxiety. Place these upon His head. Hide these in His side. Whisper these in His blood soaked ear.

Even these He is desiring to take upon Himself.

Praise be to God. Lord have mercy on me.

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