‪"Our response to life is different if we have been taught only a definition of faith than if we have trembled with Abraham as he held a knife over Isaac.” – Flannery O’Connor‬

If we remain aloof. Separate. Untouched by the filth of the world. We will not understand faith. God dwells in the lowest of places. In the darkest of corners. In the dirtiest of rooms.

Our faith is formed in our sinful weakness. And in the mire of the world in which we struggle ceaselessly to tread. To keep our heads above the grime. Our mouths above the waste.

Anyone can believe a story sitting quietly in their soft bed. Very few can clench Truth when their arms are being wrenched and body being beaten in the fury of the world.

I can do all things through God who strenghtens me in the deepest part of the fight.

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