One of Horace Warner’s intimate portraits of London’s poorest children in the early 1900s.

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What does God ask of us? That we love Him and we love our brothers and sisters. The only addition Christ made to the Law was to clarify how deeply we are to love our brothers and sisters. We are not to love them as ourselves anymore. That command passed away when God showed us a better way. A truer way. We must love our brothers and sisters as Jesus has loved us.

To love is to see. To love a child is to see Christ in that child. To see Christ in the person that that repels me. In the person from whom I want to hide.

My Most Gracious God – please help me to love as You love. To see as You see. I beg of You to empower me to give to all those You bring to me. Please let me not be cast aside as one never known by You. Never known because I never chose to know Your children.

I have sinned without number. Have mercy.

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